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Maintenance Manager

Upington, South Africa

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About the Company

ASAP Resources is a specialised recruitment agency with a speciality in headhunting and high-calibre recruitment strategies. We secure resources for a variety of clients in many industries on a global scale with a focus on building lasting relationships with all candidates and clients.

About the Role


Job Description

All jobs described in this document must guarantee compliance with the requirements and regulations of the various government offices and agencies as concerns Health, Safety and Environmental area in addition to the duties assigned in the Internal Health and Safety Management System in effect, and in the Operation and Maintenance contracts signed with customers. Moreover, they shall have the duties described in the Internal Emergency Plan in accordance with their position.

Maintenance Manager

  • Responsible for the proper plant maintenance as well as compliance with best industry practices and applicable current regulations, always guaranteeing compliance with the internal work procedures.

  • Reviewing technical maintenance instructions.

  • Supervising and coordinating with the Planning Manager on the implementation and improvement of predictive and preventive maintenance, decreasing corrective maintenance, and coordinating and managing the site maintenance equipment.

  • Generating weekly and monthly reports on corrective, preventive, and legal maintenance work.

  • Developing and updating an annual programmed and preventive maintenance plan.

  • Technical liaison work with suppliers, negotiating contracts with minor suppliers and preparing official maintenance reports for customers as per the contractual conditions.

  • Preparing technical offers for maintenance in view of requests for the provision of additional services.

  • Guaranteeing personnel under them receive the necessary training to perform their duties.

  • Maintenance reports requested by the Plant Manager.

  • Responsible for effective warehouse management, guaranteeing the minimum replacement part stock as well as minimum fixed capital.

  • Implementing improvement measures in the maintenance routine.

  • Coordination with the rest of the departments to plan equipment maintenance.

  • Internal personnel management.

  • Requesting plant accesses for visitors and/or subcontractors.

  • Fostering a good work environment with integration and implication for a proper attitude.

  • Implementing an ongoing training programme and controlling the evolution of skills.

  • Supporting and advising the Plant Manager and Technical Department.

  • Ensuring compliance with safety rules.

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