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The Advantage of Working in a Team

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Have you ever found yourself wondering what the advantage of working in a team is? We all can remember back to our school days, working in a group project and always having to support someone who never did any work...

So, would a functioning workplace environment be the same? Well, when in an unpleasant working environment, the toxic atmosphere would create the above scenario. But, when working in a good organisation, you will find that teamwork creates better opportunities, better learning and better relationships.

"None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful." – Mother Teresa

Teamwork is not only beneficial to complete tasks, but it provides an environment for employees to grow and learn which raises the levels of morale, expertise, efficiency, initiative, learning, planning, and creativity.

Working together can help establish a distinctive purpose all the while ensuring maximum involvement from all employees. Successful teamwork operates on the strength of everyone while equally distributing the work and tasks, thus allowing all employees to feel valuable, motivated and actively participate and question resulting in growing confidence for employees.

Another important factor that creates an advantage is the ability to have civilised disagreements and open communication between the team, providing the team with the ability to positively address issues. Due to this positive environment, information and goals are shared among members, which allows the stronger members to improve and aid the weaker. This creates a learning effect where the weaker members can learn from the stronger members.

The phenomenon known as “collective wisdom” is another prominent aspect of teams as a working team produces more accurate, innovative, and practical solutions due to the application of collective knowledge being larger, deeper, more varied, and dynamic.

It is important to note how teamwork creates trust between members, creating long-lasting relationships. Due to the nature of teams, members rely on others despite occasional disagreements. This allows team members to establish relationships that can endure minor conflicts.

Working together allows each member to individually observe and process the skills of team members, allowing the opportunity to learn, adjust or improve their methods and skills. These skills are all transferable to personal relationships.

These are but only a few benefits of working in a team. Ultimately, the benefits can be much more. We have to pinpoint you to Potential; they made a great video about teamwork and why it is a necessity for success in organisations:

It makes much more sense now why organisations find it extremely important to know if you are a lone-wolf or a team-wolf. Your value is much more when part of a dynamic team, not as an individual. The old saying of 'there is no I in team' makes a lot more sense now.

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