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The benefits of Interview Preparation

The benefits of Interview Preparation cannot be said enough; a step in the job search process that most do not take seriously enough nor pay enough attention to it.

At ASAP Resources,  we always invest sufficient time to prepare and go through the job specification with the candidates and ensure that they are in the right frame of mind, have their thoughts and answers packaged properly and know how to present themselves adequately and confidently highlighting all the critical aspects about themselves and putting their best foot forward.

The benefits of thorough preparation are as follows:

Be Confident:

A well-prepared candidate exudes confidence and approaches the interview with a positive attitude. They don't get rattled or frantic at the slight disruption or delay, e.g. network issues and glitches if interviewing remotely or being late because of traffic etc.

An Introduction:

A well-thought-out introduction helps answer most questions/clear the air about what kind of person you are which helps the panellists to just follow up or verify any other additional details, in need.

Prepare for any Questions:

Thorough preparation helps with structuring with prompt/precise responses to questions, both expected and unexpected. Nothing catches you off guard when you are prepared. Most answers are at the tip of your tongue and you don't get derailed while trying to remember or recollect something from long ago.

Proper preparation helps you bring to the fore your technical skills and recognize areas of development while alleviating anxiety or nervousness.  You speak confidently when you are well prepared .

Research the Employer:

Preparation allows you an opportunity to research your potential employer and the panel you are meeting with. This way, you attend the meeting knowing to an extent if this is a company you want to work for and if this is the team you want to work with, their values, profitability etc

Secure Connection:

With most interviews taking place remotely, it helps to prepare and ensure that your equipment and connectivity is up to standard.  Lately even knowing the loadshedding schedule for your area helps a great deal to not be disrupted and find alternatives/back up.

Setting aside time for the interview and clearing your schedule is also critical.

It's very easy to pick up when a candidate is not settled because they can get a call anytime from their current employer. We had a case where a Service Desk Analyst tried to attend an interview from his desk and his Supervisor kept wondering why his calls were not answered. Needless to say, the panel noticed when the Supervisor eventually came banging on the door and the interview was called off.

Prepared candidates interview so well that in the event that the first choice does not get placed due to other reasons, clients come back and ask if the second choice is available. Even later on in several months, if another role comes up, the panel remembers the candidate who was composed and well prepared!

With all the above said, please consider spending a bit more time on your preparation and not just rely on your experience and knowledge of your job to get you through. How you present yourself and apply your mind and interact during the discussion also helps.

If you require extra support, we recommened checking out the following links: How to Prepare for An Interview - The Best Pre-Interview Strategy from Indeed and 10 step guide on how to prepare for an interview from Barclays Life Skills.

All the best in your next interview.

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You Bi
You Bi
Dec 23, 2021

First and foremost, thank you very much for this piece of art, I appreciate it. I just would like to shed the light on the fact that there are many AI personal interview coaches like Huru that are designed to prepare candidates for their job interview through mock interviews. Huru was my coach during the process of getting prepared for my job interview. The power of this AI technology is that it can detect your deficiencies and instruct you on how to improve them.

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