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Experiencing Job Seeker Fatigue

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Your CV is properly done, uploaded on all the known job boards, registered with as many recruitment agencies and your LinkedIn profile represents you professionally and your bio is as catchy as it can get.

You have researched and noted all the interview techniques in the book but none of these have yielded any results yet. You feel discouragement creeping in and you are no longer keen to open your email notifications and apply for jobs.

Job Seeker Fatigue

This is understandable, however, giving up and caving into discouragement or fatigue is not an option. It gets overwhelming but leaving it even for just a day makes it worse.

Perhaps it is at this point that I should highlight that searching for a job is a job on its own. It requires the structure, focus, discipline, determination and desire for results just like any job or venture.

This article will mainly address candidates that are currently unemployed and prone to anxiety due to the pressure of needing to secure employment as soon as possible. However, the principles are the same and all these points will still apply to job seekers looking to move from one job to another under any circumstances.

How to avoid Job Seeker Fatigue?

Focus on Structure:

The process of job searching is so important because there is only one desired outcome, which is finding the ideal job. It must be approached with a structured and solid plan.

The first place to start is the mind. Because of possible heightened anxiety, job seekers must set their minds and thoughts in such a way that they are prepared for the journey and the challenges that may be encountered. These may range from sending and submitting applications but not getting responses to even being contacted by recruitment agencies that never get back to you with feedback.

LinkedIn has an amazing article on fighting Job Seeker Fatigue, just check it out here, by Andrew Seaman. The Muse also has written an interesting article on the topic - all about bouncing back from a weary job search.

My personal recommendations are to consider having the following in place:

Apply early:

Set your application or submission time when it's not busy and the traffic on the internet is not overwhelmed. From my own experience, this is usually between 3 am and 6 am. You will notice that adverts flood your job alerts during this time and it's quicker to browse and open them, it's even quicker to upload your CVs and complete that application as there are fewer connectivity glitches and disruptions. The added benefit of this is that your application will be among the first to be reviewed and possibly shortlisted. The saying that the early bird catches the fattest worm cannot be truer here.

Refine your Job Alerts:

To receive alerts and notifications that are closely related to your experience and field of expertise, ensure that you enlist titles and keywords that are in line with your skills and experience so that you do not get flooded by adverts that are not relevant to you.

Register with a trusted recruitment agency:

ASAP Resources is an obvious agency of choice, therefore register your CV on our website and let us walk this journey with you. You are welcome to register with more than one agency provided you ensure that they are all informed where else your profile has been submitted either by yourself or by the other agent/s. You are welcome to inform your agents regarding the employers you hope to work for and check if they can get your profile to them should they have suitable opportunities.

It's important to ensure that the relationship with your Agent/s is an open and two-way stream. Enquire regularly about available positions, request updates for applications submitted or feedback for interviews attended. This keeps you active in the agents' minds should suitable vacancies come across their desks.

Always keep a positive mindset:

Always keep a positive mindset and treat every application, interview or assessment like it's the last one you are doing by giving it your best shot. Ensure that all your submissions are completed properly and meticulously. Do not allow yourself to be distracted or discouraged no matter how many times you have not received positive feedback.

My Conclusion on Job Seeker Fatigue:

Although it's a normal emotional response, fatigue can make or break your success in securing employment. You should always be properly prepared and give your all, never lose sight even when it becomes weary at times. While a normal emotional response, it can make or break your success.

I would implore all reading to come to ASAP Resources Facebook page on the 23rd of July 2021, I will be doing a live discussing this topic further in more detail. I hope to catch everyone there and we can have a fruitful discussion.

If you need more information on how to properly prepare for your interview, please check out my previous article: The benefits of Interview Preparation.

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